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In the wake of the delivery of my last (in my life, I hope) winter session, I want to share the experience accumulated over the years in the field of writing essays in such disciplines as marketing, political science, sociology, psychology, etc. . Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to write a good abstract in 40 minutes:

we select a theme and ctrl-c, ctrl -v it in; open all the search results in a row that is at least a couple of thousand characters long. It would be better if it was not an abstract, but some article; we open the abstract sample taken in advance by the excellent student / excellent student. We change the surname to our own, as well as the name of the abstract; rewrite the content. This is the only thing to do. We leave the introduction, then the first section - "The essence of the basic concept of the selected topic." Further - at will. It is useful for use allegories (for example, "Sales promotion as a super-task of marketing policy"), but in general you can simply take the first sentences of the first paragraph. Sections should be 4-5 pieces; look at how many thousands of characters in the abstract and the article. We calculate how many thousands more characters we are missing. Next, we use the services of this wonderful service. We select the desired topic and begin to generate nonsense. Yandex generals approximately 1300 symbols of delirium in one click, so it will not be difficult to calculate how many times you need to click on the button. All nonsense must be collected in a separate text file; now - the most remarkable thing - in any text editor insert resulting from the original sample instead of the original "excellent" text. We find in the cocktail the paragraphs of the assorted text, and we leave the sections, we synchronize them with the content; fill out the list of used literature: take a list of recommended literature, and pull out themed books from there. If you are used to learning "excellent", it is also recommended to read the article on the subject and to insert them into the list of references, without forgetting to specify the authors. As the author, you can specify me, here is how this girl, for example; ctrl-s, ctrl-p, and do not forget, for God's sake.

Bitcoin $ 8973 (↓ 2.69%) Bitcoin Cash $ 1209 (↓ 7.31%) Ethereum $ 943 (↓ 11.82%) Ripple $ 0.89 (↓ 9.95%) Litecoin $ 132 (↓ 8, 88%) Dash $ 583 (↓ 6.08% ) Stellar $ 0.42 (↓ 8.27%)

Medium The scientist calculated the cost of bitcoin for 2018. Average user Joel Lopez Barata mathematically calculated the probable value of Bitcoin for 2018. Lopez found out that the price of bitcoin with a probability of 80% at the end of 2018 will be $ 13,200- $ 271,277. In this case, both values ​​can be with the same probability. ЛадVladislav Martynov, an adviser to the Ethereum Foundation, cited Switzerland as an example when discussing the regulatory issue, where regulators say that the blockchain carries a lot of risks, but no one can answer specifically for the risks. He added - "the market is independently learning to manage risks." He also noted Belarus, which pleasantly surprised him. There, market participants worked out ways to regulate and control risks and the state of the art. He said that Russia needs to move from one country to another in order to establish a sandbox in any city, to find a way out and to draw conclusions. 🔷Owners of new "money" that can not wait. The constant "ups" and "falls" of bitcoin can unsettle anyone. Steve Wozniak was no exception. Apple co-founder said that he was tired of worrying about the unstable bitcoin exchange rate, so he simply sold all his cryptocurrency. A book about Bitcoin was written 12 years before it appeared. Back in 1997, two authors, an American and an Englishman, published a book entitled "Sovereign Personality: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age". Most likely, then James Davidson and Lord William Reese-Mogg hardly suspected that they had written a historical book describing the near future. The authors of the book convinced readers that great changes await humanity. In bold and strange descriptions, they, in fact, managed to predict the idea of ​​a cryptocurrency, with frightening accuracy embodied in today's bitcoin.

Finar Steel Buildings has been working for over thirty years in the construction of steel buildings, structures and building envelopes. Its head office is located in LÃ © vis, St-Nicolas borough, on the South Shore of Quebec, with a pied-a-terre in the Montreal area and another in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Maotre in the art of designing steel buildings, structures and envelopes of industrial, commercial and recreational buildings, "Construction Design" is his specialty. Finar's expertise is vast and covers the budget assessment as well as the design engineering of the structure and the complete envelope of the building..

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CZ claims that the exchange does not have any office in this city, and representatives of the Block, however, continue to defend their line.

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CZ claims that the exchange does not have any office in this city, and representatives of the Block, however, continue to defend their line.

Sebastian Sontag, CEO of LocalBitcoins, said that the p2p platform in november daily registers 4-5 thousand new users. This number has not changed even after the introduction of verification. According to him, the decline in trading volumes is associated with the introduction of KYC procedures, but with other changes. Sontag expects a steady flow of users to restore volumes in the coming weeks.

ફિનાર ફાઉન્ડેશન કાર્ય કરી રહ્યું છે, શિક્ષણની ગુણાત્મકતા અને મુલ્યવત્તા પ્રગટ પ્રગટ એ એ માટે. એમાં સૌથી પ્રબળ અસરકર્તા શિક્ષકો છે. શિક્ષકો બદલાય તો બધું બદલાય. માટે શિક્ષકોના અભિગમને બદલવાનો પ્રયત્ન થાય છે. સાથે જ શૈક્ષણિક પ્રવૃત્તિઓ ઇષ્ટપૂર્ણ હેતુપૂર્ણ હેતુપૂર્ણ હેતુપૂર્ણ અને અને પ્રવૃત્તિઓ પ્રવૃત્તિઓ પ્રવૃત્તિઓ ઇષ્ટપૂર્ણ ઇષ્ટપૂર્ણ છે છે છે છે છે.

Finar Foundation is doing great job to support the society. They are also associated with Narcotic Control Bureau and providing administrative support to our imitative called "Healthy Campus".