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To the View Merchandise page you will start to see the merchandise record of them along with the entire text. In the event the PDF or Text/HTML variation is available you'll be able to choose these around the righ-hand-side of the screen under Download item(s).

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The next beneficial features is found about the righthand part of the screen:

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When working with this purpose your product will immediately be put into your Activity Listing. You will manage to produce, e-mail or delete this product once your item continues to be included with the Activity Record. To find out more about the Action Checklist please consult with the result site methods.

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If you'd like to go to the next product on your benefits page without time for your unique benefits you may make use of the function which exhibits like as "File 2 of 10 ". Make use of the record range information to be alongside by the arrows to go to the prior report or back to another location record.